Our Services

Rocky Hill Pediatrics offers a full array of services to help your child maintain good health. You can read more on this page about specific services.

  • Our office is open 8:30 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday 
  • Same day sick appointments are available
  • Well visits, preoperative and sports physicals for birth to age 22
  • Ear piercing age 4 months and older
  • Forms take five business days. If you'd like, you may provide a self-addressed stamped envelope to mail the form directly to you, or you may plan on picking it up.  No phone call is necessary as it will be ready for you.
  • Good news!  We are able to print school and daycare forms so you do not need to provide us with a form.
  • State of Connecticut Health Assessment forms (a.k.a., blue forms) are required for entry into Kindergarten, 7th grade, and 10th grade. 
  • Daycare forms are required for babies and children in daycare.
  • We recommend the flu vaccine for all patients six months and older
  • The flu vaccine is required for all babies and children in daycare.
  • We schedule flu clinics each fall and provide proof of vaccination when needed.
  • We require that all patients follow the American Academy of Pediatrics Vaccine recommendations. Please see our section under Vaccine Policy Statement for more information regarding our recommendation.
  • At your babies' first visit, we will provide you with a schedule of recommended age appropriate vaccines and the corresponding Vaccine Information Sheets.